Assisting Parents with Children Affected by Mental Health

How APCAM Can Help YOU

There are a variety of ways in which you can seek solace within APCAM.

We understand that sometimes all we want is to be listened to; for someone to hear us without judgement. Whereas for others, the chance to delve into cognitive or talking therapies is extremely appreciated and beneficial. The extent to which our attendees/participants/members delve in is entirely up to them.

In a nutshell, the APCAM services are:

Our APCAM Clinics within West Oxfordshire

In-school training

On-site Psychotherapist

A safe space

Bookable appointments with our Psychotherapist

‘Walk and Talk’ meet-ups

A community of like-minded individuals

Mental health covers a vast spectrum, from eating disorders, to OCD, anxiety, depression and everything in between. Each one can present itself in different forms and severity, there is no “one size fits all”. This is why we allow parents the space to talk, open up their thoughts to air and hear the advice of others. Hearing parents speak about their experience, allows us to understand their needs more clearly, identifying ways in which we could be directing them and offering relevant services available to them.
On-site Psychotherapist

We have a Psychotherapist on site that you can book in with during our drop-in clinic on Thursdays. She is a trained councillor and psychotherapist, who specialises in child and young peoples psychological welfare and development, and she’s wonderful. 

As with CAHMS, parents do have to attend the clinic in order to be seen, our councillor can’t come to your home environment.

Within our pre-booked sessions on Wednesdays, we offer therapies such as CBT and talking therapy. We’re now in fact referred to by CAHMS and GP’s within the West Oxfordshire region, something we’re very proud of.

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The rainbow beyond the storm

Find out more about APCAM and how we can help you and your family
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