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According to the Mental Health Foundation, 75% of children and young people who have a mental health problem aren’t getting the help they need. Now, can you imagine the worry and apprehension experienced by their parents? How helpless they must feel?
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Welcome to APCAM, Assisting Parents of Children affected by Mental Health. We’re so happy you came.

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As a parent of a child, or children, affected by mental health, it can feel all too isolating; not knowing who to talk to, or who to turn to for help and guidance. We understand the challenges and emotions parents can face, we know the difficulties with healthcare budget cuts and waiting lists, and we empathise with the worry that may be felt daily.

The whole experience can feel like torment; not knowing what is best for your child, not knowing which route to go down and not understanding why the waiting list is three and a half years long to be seen by CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service). For most, that waiting time would not suffice, mental health is precious and not something to be taken lightly, especially for our young people.

Unfortunately, that waiting time would age the individual out of the system, where they would need to begin the process all over again within the Adult Mental Health System. It’s a system that is overwhelmed and under-funded, leaving many helpless, vulnerable and having to try to figure it out for themselves.

Our goal at APCAM, in West Oxfordshire, is to act as a support network, and potential lifeline for those in need. Our parent clinics, mental health first aid training, on-site Psychologist, and all our services have been formed to help, we’re not here for profit, we’re here for you.


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Having somewhere you can go to talk and be heard, with people who can empathise, listen and offer support can make all the difference to parents.

Our APCAM clinics have been specifically created for these parents in order to ensure they are not alone in their journey. A safe space to air their thoughts and grievances, be heard and understood by those in similar situations, and find a community that supports them wholeheartedly. 

Speaking with those who know what it is you are going through, facing similar issues and behaviours with their children, is incredibly precious to the parents who visit APCAM. Family and friends mean well and do their best, but unless they too have a child struggling with their mental health, they’re unlikely to fully understand the extent of its effect.

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At APCAM we understand that often young people do not want to or do not feel able to talk about their issues with mental health within the family setting. This can be for a number of reasons and having an independent ear to listen to your issues can work wonders in the short and longer term.

We offer two different services for young people:

Wednesday Psychological Clinic (Pre-booked appointments only)
Thursday Drop-In Sessions for Young People (4-6pm Weekly at our Clinic rooms)

Our Young Peoples drop-in sessions have been created in order to ensure that any young person can pop in and access immediate care without needing to bring a parent with them. As with our adult services we ensure we have a safe space to air their thoughts and grievances, be heard and understood by those in similar situations, and find a community that supports them wholeheartedly within the network of young people who access our services.

We ensure that young people are supported in a safe and safeguarded way, in any cases where we believe that child or young person is in immidate danger of being a harm to themselves or others we escalate that to the relevant authorities.

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Let us help you weather the storm

We offer a range of services to our families - all free at the point of need - individual, therapeutic and group.


Having a child or young adult with mental health difficulties can leave you feeling completely isolated, alone and in most cases, guilty. 

APCAM was founded by parents for parents, with the back up of highly experienced counsellors we hold no judgement.
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Parent Groups

Our APCAM clinics have been specifically created for parents in order to ensure they are not alone in their journey.

We offer a safe space to air thoughts and grievances, be heard and understood by those in similar situations, and find a community that supports you wholeheartedly.

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Young people and the clinic

You can book a private session with our on-site councillor by attending a Thursday drop-in session and meeting us in person. We’ll talk through your specific challenges, worries and/or emotions. 

You may be in need of once a week or fortnightly sessions, hour long or half an hour long sessions; we work with what’s best for you.
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