Assisting Parents with Children Affected by Mental Health

All About APCAM

How APCAM began

Assisting Parents of Children affected by Mental Health (APCAM) was initially founded in 2017 to support parents in their unique experience. The focus was to offer a safe space to talk, be heard, be honest and air grievances without the worry of judgement or misunderstanding. All those within our setting are there for the same reasons, if anyone will empathise, it’s us.

Here’s what we know as parents of children affected by mental health:

*It’s more common that we’d all like it to be - 1 in 6!
*It can be very lonely and feel very isolating
*Finding information and guidance is tricky
*Waiting to lists to be seen by CAHMS are far too long

All regions within the UK have a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, however, only West Oxfordshire has APCAM; a service we’re very proud to provide.

Why we do what we do

Assisting Parents of Children affected by Mental Health (APCAM) was founded out of necessity; the community needed support, advice and a safe space.

We know this because we are that community. As parents of children who have mental health struggles ourselves, we fully understand the complexities it can bring, the emotions experienced and the confusion often felt.

We recognised the need for a safe space, so we built one ourselves.

APCAM began with a drop-in parent clinic, and has now expanded to offer bookable sessions with our on-site Psychotherapist, in-school training, Mental Health First Aid Training and even therapies for the children, partly funded by West Oxfordshire Council, partly funded by donations, grants and tireless fundraising efforts.

To make the most of the APCAM services, browse our How can we help you  or contact us on 07939344299/ 07766521443 or email lizzie.hubbard@apcamgroup.org.uk

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