Assisting Parents with Children Affected by Mental Health

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Our APCAM clinic has been specifically created for parents in order to ensure they are not alone in their journey. A safe space to air their thoughts and grievances, be heard and understood by those in similar situations, and find a community that supports them wholeheartedly.

Speaking with those who know what it is you are going through, facing similar issues and behaviours with their children, is incredibly precious to the parents who visit APCAM. Family and friends mean well and do their best, but unless they too have a child struggling with their mental health, they’re unlikely to fully understand the extent of its effect, and it can be tiresome trying to help them do so.

The APCAM Clinic

There are two sessions a week at the Carterton Family Centre - located in The Allandale Centre, Carterton - whereby parents can come along and speak with us freely, with no cost to them. We advise parents to come alone so as to really make the most of the time, without distractions, it’s all about them in that moment.

Wednesdays: 8:30am - 3:30pm for pre-booked sessions
Thursdays: 9:30am - 4:30pm drop-ins
Evening Clinic: First Thursday of every month, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

We understand the daytime isn’t always suitable to be able to drop-in without your children, so on the first Thursday of every month we offer an additional evening session.

You can book a private session with our on-site councillor by attending a Thursday drop-in session and meeting us in person. We’ll talk through your specific challenges, worries and/or emotions and arrange for you to be seen at a time that suits you.

There are many ways you can reach out to us at APCAM, all of which we will be glad you did. Here are our contact points:

Phone: 07939344299 or 07766521443
Facebook: www.facebook.com/apcamgroup
Email: lizzie.hubbard@apcamgroup.org.uk

Or just turn up on Thursdays to the Carterton Family Centre, The Allandale, Burford Road Carterton OX18 3AA for the APCAM drop-in clinic. Everyone welcome!

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More about APCAM

At APCAM we offer services in a range of ways to a raft of families in West Oxfordshire and beyond
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