Preparing for September and adjusting to the ‘New Normal’ in Schools – VLOG

September and the reopening of schools will be welcomed by many parents and children – the long awaited reunion with friends and a return to routine. However, we all know that this will not be a return to school life as we once knew it and for many families and individuals, this time will present a number of challenges and strong feelings.

Stress & Anxiety In Teens and Young People – VLOG

Stress & Anxiety In Teens and Young People - Mental Health Support from Natalie Hunt Mental Health Training   Stress and worry are entirely normal and part of life. We have an inbuilt alarm system, known as the flight/fight/freeze response, which has kept us safe from threat and danger for millennia. A small amount … Continue reading Stress & Anxiety In Teens and Young People – VLOG

5 Ways to Wellbeing – VLOG

The Five Ways to Wellbeing - Natalie Hunt Training The ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ has been around for a while, but I think it is a really useful way to reflect and act upon our self care at this time. Many of us are feeling exhausted and frustrated by the lockdown (at the time of … Continue reading 5 Ways to Wellbeing – VLOG

GCSE and A-Level Cancellations – VLOG

APCAM Vlog - GCSE ALevel

GCSE and A-Level Cancellation Advice   For those of you who were expecting to sit exams this summer, you may be feeling frustrated and worried about what happens next, particularly if you didn’t do as well as hoped in your mocks or you are unhappy with your teacher’s assessments or predicted grades. Some … Continue reading GCSE and A-Level Cancellations – VLOG

Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviour – VLOG   Managing Self Defeating Behaviour Self defeating behaviour, also known as Negative Automatic Thoughts (NAT’s) or Unhelpful Thoughts are very common, particularly in teenagers as their emotional brains are not fully developed. It is likely that these thoughts and behaviours will be heightened at this time. Categories of NAT’s include: catastrophising, mind reading, unrealistic … Continue reading Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviour – VLOG

First Access Points for Mental Health Services During Covid-19 and Beyond

Hello to all our followers (and beyond!) we would just like to post about something that has been bought to our attention recently, we are aware that many "mental health support" pages and groups have sprung up online recently offering free support and, in some cases, counselling. Whilst this is very noble and anyone helping … Continue reading First Access Points for Mental Health Services During Covid-19 and Beyond

Managing Home Schooling and Staying Calm – VLOG

Tips for Managing Home Schooling and Staying Calm For parents and carers, this is an enormously stressful and challenging time now that the schools are closed. Aim to prioritise moments in the day to recharge and destress – you cannot pour from an empty cup! HOMESCHOOLING: Don’t expect your child to work in the same … Continue reading Managing Home Schooling and Staying Calm – VLOG

Talking to Your Child About Covid-19 – VLOG

How To Talk To Your Child About Covid-19 And The Lockdown There is a lot of advice online about ways to discuss Covid-19 with your children, so I have summarised the main points. YOUR EMOTIONS: Before talking with your child, make sure that YOU have addressed your own emotions and worries first and are looking … Continue reading Talking to Your Child About Covid-19 – VLOG

Coping With Social Isolation – Vlog

Social Isolation: Managing Your Feelings -  APCAM and Natalie Hunt Mental Health First Aider Coronavirus has created a very challenging set of circumstances for many of us. There is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety around the virus and how our lives will be impacted over the coming months. It is OK and completely normal … Continue reading Coping With Social Isolation – Vlog