Creating Restful Sleep Patterns – VLOG

How to adapt your environment to improve your sleep! 

Declutter your bedroom

  • Reduce the amount of stuff that you have visible in your bedroom.
  • In order to sleep well we need to have a clear mind and to limit the distractions around us. Invest in under bed storage or lidded storage baskets and keep your bedroom as clear, organised and clutter free as possible.

Like your bedroom

  • Make sure your bedroom is a calm, relaxing space that is comfortable and you enjoy spending time in.
  • Decorate your room with calm relaxing colours and surround yourself with things you love, like photos, posters and nice textures.
  • If using bold colours or busy posters in your bedroom, be sure to keep them behind your bed, so that the ceiling and the wall that your looking at when your in bed, are clear, calm spaces.
  • Invest in a comfortable bed, a comfortable mattresses and bed linen that you like.
  • Things such as essential oils, textured throws, weighted blankets, can all be effective if you really struggle to drift off to sleep.

Monitor the temperature of your bedroom

  • We sleep better in cool rooms.
  • Research suggests that bedrooms should ideally be kept at 65 degrees or below.
  • Invest in a fan, air conditioning unit or open windows throughout the day to help ventilate your room.
  • If you don’t like the cold, layer your bedding.

Review your lighting 

  • Prepare yourself for sleep by reducing lighting and keeping it soft.
  • Invest in dimmer switches, bedside lamps or coloured light bulbs and avoid stark bright lights.
  • If you need complete darkness to sleep, invest in some blackout curtains/binds or an eye mask.
  • If you prefer some lighting, opt for a coloured light bulb or a dimmer switch.
  • Leaves mobile phones and electrical devices outside of your bedroom and limit use of them for at least an hour before bedtime.
  • If you need to use your phone or keep it with you at night, at least try switching the screen to night mode to reduce the impact of the blue lights.   

From Anna Chalmers Occupational Therapist

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