First Access Points for Mental Health Services During Covid-19 and Beyond

Hello to all our followers (and beyond!) we would just like to post about something that has been bought to our attention recently, we are aware that many “mental health support” pages and groups have sprung up online recently offering free support and, in some cases, counselling. Whilst this is very noble and anyone helping out anyone else at this time is brilliant, we would just temper that with the following message…


Mental health and the related issues that come with either suffering directly or supporting someone with mental health issues can be incredibly complex, and in A LOT of cases, will require medication and psychiatric assistance from a registered NHS Psychiatrist or counsellor – which can ONLY be access by first seeking consultation from your GP.

When any new families access our support services and attend our groups we firstly point them to their GP and to the NHS CAMHS referral service. This is ESSENTIAL. The CAMHS waiting list is very long, there is no way of getting away from that fact – services are stretched – however engaging with organisations who do not have a counselling pedigree, registered status or have in-house QUALIFIED psychiatric specialists will not shortcut the treatment process.

Please, please, please before seeking treatment either for yourself or someone you are supporting speak to your GP and go online to the NHS Mental Health and CAMHS pages.

For details of tried and tested organisations you can email, DM or go online to our resources who can provide support but as we’ve said, contact your GP first.

Thank you for reading, stay home, stay safe.. we will see you all soon.

The APCAM Team..

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